Product Launches are an essential part of either a new start-up business plan, or for established organisations looking to generate buzz and exposure within new product launches and an area Brighter Directions have extensive experience within.

Having worked on hundreds of start-up and product launch campaigns for over the last ten years, our professional marketing teams are highly experienced and knowledgeable to be able to advise and guide you on the best strategies for your potential audience and market, having worked across a wide range of sectors, both B2B and B2C led.

Our product launch packages are customised to suit the remit of your business, and can incorporate a range of fundamental and effective marketing strategies from PR & Media engagement, through to a Social Media influencer campaign or Launch Event celebration.

Our Product Launch strategies include a complete solution around:

  1. Matching product capabilities to market needs
  2. Defining a clear positioning and marketing message
  3. Setting clear launch goals and objectives
  4. Developing a tangible and tailored Marketing Plan around the launch
  5. Ensuring effective market penetration (timing) of the launch

Our 5-step process is built on our extensive experience and success in these plans and as a result, incorporates a clear strategy through audience understanding and profiling, as well as develops tactics and marketing channels that are effective in creating engagement and interest in you.

"guide you on the best strategies for your potential audience"

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